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Framed Art
Featuring Artwork by Elise Hughes and Michael Banicki
Artists Elise Hughes and Michael Banicki
Blue Series by Elise Hughes
Blue Series Art 1 Blue Series Art 2 Blue Series Art 3 Blue Series Art 4
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Architecturals by Elise Hughes
Architecturals Art 1 Architecturals Art 2
Architecturals Art 3
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Neligh by Michael Banicki
Neligh Art 1 Neligh Art 2 Neligh Art 3 Neligh Art 4
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Eleva by Michael Banicki
Eleva Art 1 Eleva Art 2 Eleva Art 3
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Soft Leaves by Elise Hughes
Soft Leaves 1 Soft Leaves 2 Soft Leaves 3 Soft Leaves 4
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Fine Line by Elise Hughes
Fine Lines Series 1 Fine Lines Series 2
Fine Lines Series 3
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Still-life with Bottles by Michael Banicki
Bottles 1 Bottles 2 Bottles 3 Bottles 4
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World's Fair by Michael Banicki
World's Fair Art 1 World's Fair Art 2
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Tres Bold by Elise Hughes
Tres Bold 1 Tres Bold 2 Tres Bold 3
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Birchwood by Elise Hughes
Birchwood Art 1 Birchwood Art 2 Birchwood Art 3 Birchwood Art 4
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Fruits & Vegetables by Elise Hughes
Fruits & Veggies Art - Tomatoes Fruits & Veggies Art - Bananas Fruits & Veggies Art - Peaches Fruits & Veggies Art - Cauliflower Fruits & Veggies Art - Carrots Fruits & Veggies Art - Oranges Fruits & Veggies Art - Peppers Fruits & Veggies Art - Mushrooms Fruits & Veggies Art - Apples Fruits & Veggies Art - Blueberries Fruits & Veggies Art - Pears Fruits & Veggies Art - Asparagus
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Victory Garden by Michael Banicki
Victory Garden Art 1 Victory Garden Art 2 Victory Garden Art 3 Victory Garden Art 4
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Butterflies by Michael Banicki
Butterflies Art Blue Butterflies Art Monarch Butterflies Art Red Butterflies Art White Butterflies Art Yellow & Black Butterflies Art Yellow
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Embossed Flowers by Michael Banicki
Embossed Flowers Valance

Kites by Michael Banicki
Yellow Kites Art Silver Kite Art Purple Kite Art Box Kite Art
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On The Green by Michael Banicki
On The Green Art 1 On The Green Art 2 On The Green Art 3 On The Green Art 4
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Ringmaster by Elise Hughes
Ringmaster Art 1 Ringmaster Art 2 Ringmaster Art 3 Ringmaster Art 4
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Tarlatan by Elise Hughes
Tarlatan Art 1 Tarlatan Art 2 Tarlatan Art 3 Tarlatan Art 4
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Brooklyn Park by Michael Banicki
Brooklyn Park 1 Brooklyn Park 2 Brooklyn Park 3 Brooklyn Park 4 Brooklyn Park 5 Brooklyn Park 6
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