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Framed Art
Featuring Artwork by Elise Hughes and Michael Banicki
Artists Elise Hughes and Michael Banicki
Blue Series Artwork
Blue Series
Bold prints using a classic combination of intaglio etching and collage, known as chine colle.
Architecturals Artwork
Collages of neutral papers and soft ground etchings.
Neligh Series Artwork
Neligh Series
Klee and Kandinsky influenced painting on paper. Abstracts, soft colors, contemporary point and line.
Eleva Artwork
Hard lines and concentric circles visually impact these abstracts.
Soft Leaves Artwork
Soft Leaves
Soft ground etchings made from actual leaves.
Fine Line Series Artwork
Fine Line Series
Complimentary linear movement & solid modern forms.
Still-life with Bottles Artwork
Still-life with Bottles
This series was influenced by the early Russian Constructivists, such as Popova and Malevich.
World's Fair Artwork
World's Fair
Inspired by the World's Fair of 1939.
Tres Bold Artwork
Tres Bold
A reverence to El Lizzitsky is evident in this collage series.
Birchwood Artwork
Collages with rubbings and monoprints whose intricate markings were influenced by eastern philosophy.
Fruits & Vegetables Artwork
Fruits & Vegetables
Liven up any kitchen with these contemporary photographs.
Victory Garden Artwork
Victory Garden
Colorful paintings, influenced by the old wooden fruit and vegetable crates, richly embrace an intimate setting.
Butterflies Artwork
Carefully arted butterfly (Skipper, Viceroy, etc.) studies with a soft abstract background.
Embossed Flowers Artwork
Embossed Flowers
Embossed reliefs, hand-tinted.
Kites Artwork
Watercolor collages - colorful abstracts for children's environments.
On The Green Artwork
On The Green
Watercolor and acrylics combined for the golf enthusiast.
Ringmaster Artwork
Bright, colorful papiers interspersed with richly textured etching plates create a playful timeless atmosphere.
Tarlatan Artwork
Strong contrasting aquatints.
Brooklyn Park Artwork
Brooklyn Park
Six geometrically driven pop abstracts using horizon regtangular formats, a la Richard Diebenkorn or Al Held.

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